I am a mental health therapist serving the Columbus, Ohio area and conveniently located just south of 270 in Worthington. I specialize in helping women and moms overcome postpartum depression and anxiety, adjust to new motherhood and heal from trauma and addiction. If you are a new mom who is nursing or you feel like leaving your baby at home will cause you more stress, please feel free to bring your baby along. 

Mental Health for Moms: As a mom myself I have a passion for helping other mothers who might experience a difficult period of adjustment or just need support through this joyous and stressful roller-coaster time of life . I have experience helping moms through infertility, pregnancy, the postpartum period, grief/loss and birth trauma. For the 1 in 7 who will experience a postpartum mood or anxiety disorder, I am experienced and trained in perinatal and postpartum mental health through Postpartum Support International. 

​​​No life is perfect. But you can learn to cherish the one you have. 

​​Mental Health Therapist

Michelle Risser | 37 E. Wilson Bridge Rd. Suite 250, Worthington OH 43085 us | (614)559-1977

​​​Clear the path. Feel your feet. Love your beautiful imperfect life. 

TraumaI provide EMDR therapy, an integrated treatment approach proven to help with trauma and anxiety by reprocessing negative experiences from the past that contribute to distress today. More about EMDR can be found by clicking here. 

​Women's mental health and wellness :I help women gain tools for emotional health throughout the stages of life including adolescence, motherhood, life transitions, career stress and menopause. If you struggle with anxiety, depression, body image, work-life balance, grief and loss, relationships or difficult life transitions, I can help. 

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​​​Michelle Risser, LISW-S

Recovery from alcohol addictionIf you are sober or trying to get sober I can help you take the next step towards a happy, healthy life. This often includes clearing away the wreckage of the past and healing from symptoms of depression, anxiety or trauma

I provide counseling with a special focus on perinatal and postpartum mental health, ​​​trauma, and recovery from alcoholism.