Consultation Services and Training

​EMDR Consultation

I am an approved Consultant-in-Traning through EMDRIA and provide consultation for clinicians who are working toward certification. 

Rates: $35 for 1 hour individual. $25 for 1 hour group, $150 for a 5-pack of 1 hour individual. Email me at with any questions.

Current groups:

04/25/2022 AT 12 PM EDT

05/23/2022 AT 12 PM EDT

​06/20/2022 AT 12 PM EDT

Consultation and Supervision

If you are a therapist interested in private practice, I can help you with all aspects of getting started including accepting insurance, marketing, networking and finding your niche. I am licensed to provide supervision for social workers seeking independent licensure in the state of Ohio. For those who do not have a supervisor available in the workplace, your employer may agree to share a portion of the cost. 

Rates: $150 per hour for professional consulting, $100 per hour for social work supervision. 

CEU Courses

Overcoming Chronic Stress and Burnout in Difficult Times for Mental Health Providers

The pandemic, current global and political stressors and the increased need for mental health services has placed a large strain on mental health providers. Providers are more at risk for chronic stress and burnout than ever. In this course, participants will learn about causes, warning signs and contributing factors relating to chronic stress and burnout. Participants will gain coping skills and strategies to live burnout-free and rediscover their joy and purpose! This course is available on-demand HERE. 

Workshops and Training

I have extensive experience as a public speaker and am available to provide classes and workshops for the community, businesses or agencies on the topics of chronic stress, burnout and mindfulness.  Click HERE to find out more about hosting a workshop or seminar for your organization or group based on your unique needs and challenges.