EMDR Intensive Therapy

I am excited to be offering a whole new way to do therapy: EMDR intensives! 

What is it? 

An EMDR intensive session is a 3 or 6 hour therapy session in which we use EMDR therapy to uncover and heal past traumas, stuck beliefs or anything else you are not moving past as quickly as you would like. 

By using these longer sessions, we are able to make progress much more quickly because we are not being interrupted by starting and stopping and losing ground between sessions. 

I have seen clients make an incredible amount of progress in a short time. 

How does it work?  

We will meet for approximately 1-3 sessions beforehand to get history, develop a plan and make sure you have plenty of resources and strategies to manage the emotions that come up. (Current clients may already be at this point).

During the longer sessions, we will take regular breaks to stretch, walk around, or get a drink. I will have water and snacks for those who meet in person at my office, or we can meet online. 6-hour sessions will have a 1-hour lunch break. 

Does insurance cover it? 

Insurance may cover the preparation sessions leading up to the intensive as well as follow-up sessions, but the intensive session itself is a non-covered expense and will be self-pay, paid in advance. 

While this is an expense, it may be the least expensive option for you in the long run as it's very possible you will not need as many therapy sessions overall. I do accept HSA cards. 

What if I already have a therapist? 

That's great! I enjoy working collaboratively with other therapists and it is no problem to do the EMDR Intensive sessions with me and then resume working with your current therapist. 

EMDR intensives are not a fit for everybody, but may be a great fit for you!

Email michelle@michellerissercounseling.com to find out more.