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Symptoms of Postpartum Depression

It is extremely common for new moms to feel down, anxious and emotional during the first two weeks postpartum. This is known as the Baby Blues and usually passes on its own. However, if you experience any of the following symptoms, especially after two weeks, this could be a sign of  Postpartum Depression. If these ring true for you, please contact me or another professional for help. 

1) You feel that you've lost your sense of humor; nothing is funny anymore

2) You no longer look forward to things you used to enjoy

3) You blame yourself unnecessarily for things

4) You are having anxiety or panic attacks

5) You feel overwhelmed

6) It is difficult to fall asleep when you have the opportunity to

7) You feel sad or miserable a lot of the time

8) You can't stop crying

9) You have thoughts of harming yourself **

**If you have thoughts of harming yourself or the baby, you have intrusive thoughts of something bad happening or you are seeing or hearing things others don't see or hear, these are very serious concerns. Seek help right away!